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I like to enable my clients to achieve success. Each client is different, with different ambitions and challenges. I aim to not only offer salient advice, but also to be able to help out with the work. Often allowing the company to focus on sales, knowing their marketing and strategy is under control. 

Below are some recent client cases and examples of the work I’ve done:


I established sales channels and developed relationships with sales partners for Bannerbow’s innovative, multi-functional event arches. In addition, Best Enterprises supported the marketing, lead generation and PR activities of Bannerbow within the Benelux.

Bannerbow has invented new event arches and backdrop systems to refresh the face of sponsorship and advertisement in large, open spaces. The Bannerbow banners are for indoor and outdoor use and available in 3 different sizes. These event arches are especially effective for sports arenas and stadiums, trade fairs, shopping malls, retail outlets, car sales and promotion, cinemas etc.

Sport arenas or event hosts can use Bannerbow as a new revenue stream. I contacted many Dutch Premier League football teams to stimulate demand for Bannerbows as the clubs can sell advertising space for commercial sponsorships on their banners. As Bannerbows are modular, it easy to change their banner and therefore, their messaging or sponsors according to theme, event or location.


The bannerbow event arches now available in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Get in touch if you would like me to forward you on to a local reseller

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-Solution System-

Soliton Systems is an innovative Japanese company with an EMEA head office in Amsterdam. I supported the EMEA marketing team for 2 years. Initially with strategy and consulting and later by help with persona’s, content mapping, content calendars and content creation.


-Time Games-

After initial consulting, it was obvious to me that they had a secret weapon, which needed to be seen in the market. I created a value proposition and on the basis of this, I arranged for appointments with two of the largest employers in the Netherlands. Both global corporations were both very excited about using Time Games. We are planned in to entertain two groups of 600 people at two events lasting 3 days. This is a very exciting development, which I am enjoying to support and develop with the owner.


-Consulting and coaching-

I have other clients, where I help them to address and improve their own marketing effectiveness and impact.