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Nicola Meinders

No nonsense approach

Nicola Meinders: sales en marketing consultant.

I can be a sounding board, a flexible helping hand, making time available for marketing management. by stimulating, stimulating and supporting and tackling the greatest challenges. I am equally employable for you to get started.

Depending on the need, I work as a member of the team or on a project basis for as long as necessary. I offer a broad marketing experience in which I can be a sparring partner within the marketing planning and strategy, but I also like to roll up my hands where necessary.

Marketeers function as both a strategic sparring partner for management and sales support on-the-spot. This can result in conflicts. But through a clear definition of leads, the right procedure and the internal transfer, co-creating marketing and sales often together clear, tangible management reports based on which guidance can be given. I can help to gain insight into this process, to monitor it and to advise and therefore create a win-win situation.


Nicola Meinders

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Ad Interim | Freelance | Project-based

During my career I have had the privilege to implement a variety of marketing projects and to experience international business cultures.

I expect to make ample use of the available marketing resources to improve the customer’s experience and to record the entire process step by step, to report and to lift it to a higher level.

I like to share my knowledge and experience by working together with you and your team, using your opportunities, achieving results and at the same time reducing work stress, by giving advice and support to your team.

I also gladly assist with the opening up of more commercial opportunities. Think of the creation of new (international) sales and distribution platforms and new channels.

Starting point: result by gaining new markets in a profitable way.

Soliton systems | Mark Andrews

Nicola is a real pleasure to work with. As a content writer she has plenty of exuberance and no shortage of ideas in what we need to do and how we need to achieve it. She is up to date on current marketing trends, especially around Digital Marketing and in-bound lead generation. We are using her in a contracting role and to date we have been very pleased with content she creates - in some case creating a masterpiece out of almost nothing! Thanks Nicola!

Risk intelligence | Kirsten Ernst

I had the pleasure of having Nicola as my colleague for the past 6 months. Nicola is enthusiastic and full of energy and brings new creative ideas to the team. Nicola is also a great at teamwork and always supportive. I am impressed about her experience and knowledge within digital marketing, in particular social media marketing.

EMEA at SDL plc | Pia Petterson

Nicola has been my manager for a couple of years. Her energy and her personal drive to reach success is amazing. Nicola is very result oriented and innovative to find new ways for sucess. She is a very empathic person with big heart who takes good care of her team members. I ´m happy to give Nicola my best recomendations.

B2B Marketing expert | Ingrid Archer – van den Berg

It's always a real pleasure to work with Nicola. She's an open-minded, honest, ambitious and professional marketer. We worked together on several B2B marketing projects. Nicola gets the job done on both a strategic level as well as on a more practical level. I really love working with Nicola!

The register | Ali Shareef

Nicola is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. I have seen many examples of her work. As an experienced marketer, I find Nicola makes a great addition to any team! It is a pleasure for me to recommend and endorse her.  A very innovative and savvy business woman to work with. I look forward to many years of our working relationship.

Work Days (SDL)| Rob Cools

I’ve worked with Nicola for more than a year now. She has re-build the marketing team of the SDL WCMS division in EMEA. Nicola gives her direct reports both considerable autonomy and good counsel. Nicola is an action-oriented marketing professional who thinks outside the box, but at the same time remains very result oriented. She continually tries to think bigger and also pushes her team to do so. She expects a high caliber of work but is adept at collaboration and using team-based approaches to getting things done.

Executive Marketing expert | Robert Carrol

Nicola is a chartered marketer with an open mind and creative streak. She enjoys the daily and strategic challenges which marketers face. She’s quick, decisive and constantly seeking ways to improve the status quo. Her motivation and energy is contagious and we have a good time sparring ideas off each other! On a personal level, Nicola is a woman of high integrity and keeps her promises. We work in a tough competitive market, with some major IT corporations (Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle..) as direct competitors, so it’s good to see the 30% growth we’re currently getting as a division. Long may we enjoy working together!

Alfresco | Tim Norman

We operate in a fast moving and complex marketplace - Nicola and her team have ensured that our message is clearly articulated and delivered ensuring that we have a distinct voice. This is achieved through an innovative mix of media and channels ensuring that the sales team gets a steady stream of leads and contacts.

Amazon (SDL) | Laura Dimaiuta

Nicola is a very committed person who loves working withpeople. She is open minded and has great communication skillsas well being a very good team leader. It is a pleasure of havingher as a boss and colleague: she is not only committed but fun and simply great to work with!

Rentokil Initial | Susan Y

Nicola is a very knowledgeable and experienced marketer who is highly self disciplined and meticulous in her approach to work - hence the reason I recruited her into Initial as Marketing Manager for the Textiles division. Whilst she was working with me, she successfully oversaw a number of initiatives including the development of a new range of marketing collateral and projects to enhance profitability and improve insight across a wide ranging customer base, through in-depth profling and segmentation. She is also a great team member and pleasure to work with.

Ramirent | Lars Olvestal

I´ve worked with Nicola for a period of 1-2 years. Nicola is an intelligent and dedicated manager that has a very developed ability to quickly understand and analyse a business or project. She has a strong and experienced knowledge of marketing and to see what mechanisms that will work or not. I can only give Nicola my best recomendations.

Steven Singleton

I worked closely with Nicola in her role as Marketing / New Product Development Manager for Initial Washrooms. Nicola is an extremely capable person who is, enthusiastic, innovative, self motivated and delivers her objectives on time. I have always found working with Nicola to be an enjoyable experience, she is a valuable member of the team, able to lead where necessary but always allowing others to provide input which is never ignored.

Instant Offices | Sarah Goodhew

I would highly recommend Nicola. She is very professional,personable and efficient.

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